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    10 years Unit 30

    Jozephine Duker / 18 september 2020 / Stories

    Hip Hip Hooray!! We’re celebrating our 10th Unit 30 anniversary!

    Today, 10 years ago, we presented ourselves for the first time under the name Unit 30 during the London Design Festival. During the event we showed our first collaboration project ‘Micxup’ for the exhibition ‘Variability’.

    Prior to our collaboration we were already in a personal relationship for 8 years. We had both studied Product Design in Arnhem, in the Netherlands, where we met. A year after our graduation we moved to London to both study at the Royal College of Art; Willem at the Ceramics & Glass department and Jozephine studied Design Products.

    We thought it wouldn’t be good for our relationship if we would work together. But when we were asked to design something for an exhibition during the London Design Festival, we decided to go for it and see how it would turn out. It went surprisingly well, so we decided to continue our collaboration. We’re looking forward to our next 10 years!

    Curious where our name Unit 30 comes from? It was the number of the studio where we lived and worked in London at the time. Sorry, not so creative on the name 🙂

    Picture Fenella Mett

    London Design Festival

    Micxup at exhibition 'Variability'

    Micxup, London Design Festival

    Private view, Picture Joe Gascoigne

    London Design Festival